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Be The Best You Can Be

Vision, Values, Purpose and Morals

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple. It’s to make our people become the best they can be. This is our reason for being and why we established the trust in the first place. By working together as a partnership of schools, with a core set of values and a real and tangible vision, we believe that we can achieve far more as a partnership than by working alone.

Our Values

So that we can fulfil our purpose (or our ‘why’), we have a number of core values that drive all that we do. These serve as our guiding principles that help us navigate and should be nurtured for their own sake. We believe that our values stand the test of time and allow us to stay true to our purpose.

Our values are built around five key beliefs based on the Latin word Genus.

G - Give as good as you go

Always try to be the best version of yourself, be polite, kind and helpful, try your best all the time, persevere when things get tough, don't give up and seek help if you're struggling

E - Everyone insist on Excellence

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept, and so we must expect excellence from everyone all the time. Nobody is too big to do the small things that need to be done to bring about excellence in our school and community

N - Nobody left behind

In our school everyone is equal, no one gets left behind. If we notice someone needs some help we offer help because we recognise that we may be in this position one day. No one is afraid to ask for help because we all know that someone will be there to help us

U - Understanding

We recognise that everyone in our school is unique, has their own personalities, traits and behaviours and that these are all accepted. Everyone in our school is empowered to be the person they are and that they all bring something special to our school

S - Self-belief

We all have to believe that we can be successful in whatever it is we are doing, but we know that success might not come straight away. We know that sometimes we have to work harder than anyone else but in the end that hard work will pay off

You can read more about our school values, vision and we plan to measure out success here