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All our schools have an inclusive admissions policy which requires a school to admit pupils on the basis of postcode, after looked-after and SEN children are appropriately placed. Our existing admissions policy is available on request.


The MAT acts as its own admissions authority but continues to buy the services of the LA. The MAT scheme of delegation determines that all school’s governing bodies have an Admissions Committee to oversee all aspects of the school’s roll.


The objectives of the admissions policy are to:

  • Meet the requirements of the School Admissions code 2014, Oxfordshire’s Coordinated Admissions Scheme and, when appropriate, the Oxfordshire’s Fair Access Protocol.
  • Protect the interests of key stakeholders (current staff and students, potential students and their families and potential students and their families who already have a sibling at the school).
  • Meet the needs of students from beyond the designated catchment area to both meet the requirements of Fair Access and enable the school to remain as close to its published numbers as possible.


The full admissions policy will be provided when signed off by the DfE.