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At Graven Hill Primary School we believe that children learn best in a well-organised, calm and secure environment where purposeful and self-disciplined behaviour is expected. We want every child in our school to feel confident, happy and safe. As a caring school we have the highest of expectations in terms of learning, behaviour and attitudes, and encourage our children to develop similar beliefs in their own potential, together with pride in their achievements.

Everything that we do is designed to ensure we fulfil our core purpose which is to make our people become the best they can be. We do this in three ways:

  • By placing the needs of all our young people at the centre of everything that we do
  • By creating an exceptional school that is relentless in its pursuit of being the best we can be
  • Being driven by our core values to deliver a world-class education, with a strong sense of social responsibility

The Leadership of Behaviour at Graven Hill

The leadership of behaviour requires all adults themselves to behave in a consistent manner. A behaviour strategy needs to be crystal clear to all staff and implemented with fidelity otherwise the strategy will fall flat. They are key concepts or behaviours needed from staff that the strategy is built around; we call these are 'Active Ingredients' and they are:

  • Calm, consistent adult behaviour
  • Respectful, polite speaking and active listening
  • Equality of adult authority
  • Positive language choices used wisely and with integrity
  • First attention to the best conduct
  • Clear, concise and consistent communication
  • Reasonable adjustments to acknowledge equality of opportunity
  • Relentless routines, taught and practised
  • Enable success, because success breeds motivation

School rules and expected behaviour 

Exceptional behaviour is at the heart of effective learning.  In order for Graven Hill to have a calm and purposeful atmosphere, we have three rules: 

  • be ready
  • be respectful
  • be safe 

A calm and purposeful atmosphere relies on more than rules though.  

Adults clearly explain what desirable behaviour looks like and below are examples related to our rules: 

Be Ready

  • Come to school on time.
  • Look at and listen to the person talking.
  • Follow instructions the first time.
  • Start work straight away.
  • Wear the correct uniform.
  • Line up promptly.
  • Come to school with the correct equipment.
  • Tidy up after yourself so that we are ready to start the next activity promptly.

Be Respectful

  • Greet adults politely when we arrive each morning.
  • Thank the adults that we work with at the end of the day when we leave.
  • Pick up after ourselves and others.
  • Do things for others because it feels good.
  • Work hard in lessons.
  • Notice when others have done something for me.
  • Hold doors open.
  • Win gracefully.
  • Use people’s names.

Be Safe

  • Move calmly around the school and outside.
  • Use all equipment properly.
  • Kind hands and feet.
  • Tell an adult if something is wrong.
  • Play only in the places allowed.
  • Ask permission to use the toilet so adults know where you are.
  • Use technology responsibly.
  • Feet and the legs of chairs remain on the floor in the classroom.
  • Catch and bin coughs and sneezes.

 Our Behaviour Policy will be published here as soon as it has been ratified by our new Governing Body