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Personal and Character Development

At Graven Hill, we are currently developing a new branch of our PSHE curriculum based on The University of Birmingham's work on Character Education which we have launched in September 2023. The new branch of our PSHE and Character Curriculum builds on the work of the University of Birmingham's Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The original Jubilee Centre curriculum and lesson plans can be viewed here.  

This new branch of our curriculum includes the Jubilee Centre 'Building Blocks of Character', which breaks virtues down into four 'types', namely intellectual virtues, moral virtues, civic virtues, and performance virtues, working in combination towards the development of the meta-virtue of phronesis

The Behaviour Curriculum

To further develop this work, we are developing a curriculum for the teaching of behaviour, which we call the 'Graven Hill Way' curriculum. This document sets out the rules and routines that we explicitly teach pupils.  We believe this helps to build pupils' character by supporting them to develop the habits and attitudes that will enable them to succeed in later life.

This document is not yet ready to share but will be soon.